I feel I’ve learn’t so much on this project. Getting to grips with Flash is taking me a while and some really simple things have taken forever to do, it would be great if I could be more ambitious with this project. That said everyone in the group has worked hard and their perseverance has been really inspiring. Kyle’s been very helpful and patient when I needed to be shown the same thing several times. Animating with symbols is not as easy as it sounds!


Steph and Kyle discussing the process… Steph is working on the first frame of the girl in block colour and Kyle is working on the movement of the flowers.

Here Alex is working on the animation of the girl as she spins around…it already looks great!

Story Board

Today we had our second group meeting and re-worked the storyboard and finalised the timing for our animation. We also developed the idea a lot more and simplified the movements and design of the girl.  After chopping up the poster in Photoshop and doing some work with the puppet pin tool in After Effects we decided that doing a flash animation would be better for what we want to do.  We’ve decided to maintain the dimensions of the poster, but allow some of the action to go outside of the border and into the frame surrounding the image.  Now we have a really clear idea we can begin the final animation!

Moving Posters

 by Freda Lingstrom

Today was the briefing for a collaboration with The London Transport Museum. This is the poster we (Steph, Kyle, Alex and I) were assigned. We’ve already discussed some potential ideas. I think some subtle movements would go a long way here. The sentiment set out in her pose is a really good starting point for us. The graphic simplicity and flatness could animate really nicely, with the butterflies flying about and the wind ruffling her skirt. It was also exciting to visit the archive part of CSM and see the original poster, along with some others. A treasure trove at our finger tips! I’m ready to get stuck in to this project.