Hollywood Actress

Scroll down to see the character for the ‘body acting’ exercise… I thought who better than an archetypal Hollywood actress? Her scene is almost done, so that should be posted here later this week. Her acting queue was “person takes a drink of a cocktail and it is really strong.” I’ve also been working on it in 3D with Boris, but we were like “CUT! Robots? Acting? Whatever.” …. Ironically she has been far less of a diva than Soakie was on that dreaded Mood Change, which was driving me crackers. I found that so hard to get right, and still it needs more tweaking. Maybe working with professional actors is the way forward?


I just borrowed the Art of The Incredibles and Monsters Inc from the library. I love our library, It’s inexhaustible!

I’ve been looking at the beautiful pastel drawings by Dominique Louis…

And some brilliant and varied concepts by Lou Romano for The Incredibles. Check out his blog: http://louromano.blogspot.com/2011/03/kwaidan.html




Javier Mariscal came and gave a truly enthralling and unorthodox talk! It included some live animation, he narrated and ad-libed through his films and slideshows depicting a lifetime of work; fast-paced and colourful. A wildly talented man. It couldn’t have been more different from a conventional Q&A on a film, and so much the better for it. Thank you Mariscal!



Caracal Cat

I knew I wanted my creature to have tufted ears, and I looked at the caracal cat. This graceful animal also became quite important in the demeanour I envisaged for the character.


Since beginning the 4 legged run cycle I think I’ll look back at this animals movements as the animation I worked on today looks too dog-like, and then the character’s beard (see below) makes him seem rather too much like a terrier or a schnauzer.