The Group Project…

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When we received Freda Lingstrom’s poster we were delighted to begin working with such an elegant starting point for our animation. We quickly agreed that we would maintain close reference to the dimensions and appearance of the original poster; the focus would be on moving the existing elements within. Horace Taylor’s work inspired us to further simplify the design, creating a colour-block version of  Lingstrom’s original poster for our animation.
We wanted to respond to the clients target audience and aimed our animation at the London Transport Museum’s family oriented demographic. Later in her career Lingstrom was a highly influential figure in British children’s television programs of the 1950s.  We hoped our animation would appeal to children but also to an adult sense of nostalgia.As the animation consisted of only one shot, rather than assign sections to individuals, we met as a group everyday. We found that we worked well together and it was productive to be in the studio and solve any issues that arose and adapt the ideas accordingly.

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