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I’ve done the animatic, it came to exactly 1 minute, but there are some bits that are unclear. Especially the transformation and the moving parts of the set. I’m really looking forward to some feedback on Monday. I have developed the character design of Ariel quite a bit since doing the drawings for the storyboard. I feel that now I’ve done this, if I began the storyboard all over again it would be much better! I tried to show the costume change in a different way, but actually I think my original idea will work much better. I intended to have the costume “miraculously” transform on the stage, showing Ariel crouching down and then the outer costume pulls off in a flash of lightning! much more like the costume change in Sagi Musume.

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  1. This has the looks of “amazing” written all over it! Are you going to do 2D or 3D? And the flash of light means less animation and less complication for the transformation, that’s for sure.
    You can always make as many animatics as you need. It’s an ever transforming work, you could build the movie over the animatic if you have to. But I think it shows very well what you want to do, so don’t worry much about it 🙂

    • Thanks Ana! Great to have your input. I’m doing it in stop-motion, just got to build the puppets! I think I will do another animatic of the middle part, and add that flash of light and some double exposures! Looking forward to seeing your on Monday.

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