more big teeth .

Dr. Teeth goes at the top of the list for memorable teeth! With plenty of Hollywood smiles following close behind…


So… to start with I just looked at lots of people with memorable gnashes. I really wanted to take the teeth motif from the poster and give every character a set of pegs that looked like the smiles in the Alan Fletcher poster I have chosen to interpret. Here are some of the personalities whose teeth I studied at to get get me going:


Paranorman Poster

Here’s a super nice piece of Poster Art from Kevin Dart (reblogged from Super Punch)

I just got the “Making of Paranorman” book this morning. I usually wait to watch the film first before the making of incase it spoils the film, but I think this time I more excited about the film having seen how they made the puppets and the intricate sets.

Alan Fletcher’s toys

For the LTM pitch I’ve been looking at the Alan Fletcher work, especially the Picturing and Poeting book. Professionally Fletcher was a pioneering graphic designer, but this book focuses more on his private work drawings from his sketch book and fun

The main thing I liked about the poster was the teeth, I thought that was such a fun starting point for a character design. I’ve already done some drawings of possible characters with big grins, but researching Alan Fletcher’s playful non-commercial work is really helpful. He made these toys/creatures for his grandson out of bits and bobs and bright paint. I really love the names he gave them: Hooligan, Amarillo, Janus and Porky.

Hooligan is the four-legged yellow guy with stripes and big teeth… ding ding!

What is also interesting about these guys is that Fletcher referred to Paul Klee when he wrote about them.

“Paul Klee always knew when something was finished, because instead of him looking at the subject, the subject began looking at him.”

Exit Strategy

Here’s the music video I helped Brook with. She was great fun to animate with and she had the whole thing edited and up on youtube in record breaking time. The band’s name is We Walk In Straight Lines.

YouTube Preview Image

It was so fun to do some more stop motion animation and make another pair of puppets. I learnt tons more about puppets from making these two and I actually think I’d try a different approach for my next stop-motion film. The story developed quite organically. One of the brilliant things about puppet animation is you can develop some action and ideas on set as you are animating straight-ahead. This allows the characters/puppets to develop their own personality a little more. But you do need strong puppets! I was pleased that the armatures didn’t break this time!


YouTube Preview Image

After our unit 1 assessment Katrin hosted a party, Steffen suggested we have a go at an anijam at the same time. So Katrin set up her light box and a stack of animation paper and this is what we came up with. I think all parties should have an anijam! I want to know who drew that snail that bites the ankle?