Team Work

Here’s some of what’s been going on over the last 2 weeks. We’ve taken to working in the Learning Zone. There’s been story boarding and re-storyboarding. A directors meeting at LTM. Background designs and colour-keying. Plenty of developing the idea finding new inspirations to embellish the look of the animation and strengthen the story. So we’ve given a fair amount of time to the pre-production and now as of tomorrow we begin the production. No time to lose. I really think the time we’ve spent getting everything just so before we kick of has been really valuable. No doubt there will be hiccups along the way but I think everything we’ve worked out and pinned down so far will help immensely and we’ve enjoyed this part as a team so far.

Ragtime, Jazz and Cats on Pianos

 Ginning guy tinkling the ivories, we’ve got one of those…

 and pussycat who can play trad-jazz? We’ve got one of those too!

 Jean Cocteau playing and puffing, followed by and a drawing of his!

Miles and Juliette. For the love of jazz on the Left Bank. Alors! Vous me manquez.

Party of Five

Here they all are! The simplified character designs. I’m hoping the changes to the costumes are more “jazz” and the changes will be make them a lot simpler to animate. Lots of thanks to Vincent Woodcock for his swell advice and tips. They are ready to go and be brought to life by Lynn, Steph, David and me!  (The wolf is hairless for the animation since his hair will be boiling away, we will add it as part of the colouring process)


Here are the re-worked boards. We’ve taken into account some of the great advice we got from Dave Osbourne last week and hopefully clarified some of the things that were still confusing. Drawing them in marker helped simplify the drawings and only draw what was essential. The timing and camera angles are now sorted in our new animatic, so everyones looking forward to beginning the animation next week.