Getting that mood indigo…

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The video is a Zagreb animation Osvetnik (Dušan Vukotić, 1958). Filled with lilac scenes.

These Francis Bacon paintings are the tones I’m looking for in the bar scene. I want a brown/manila tone for the floor and bar with black lines. and purples for the characters and significant props in the background. Even the wine and food will be purple.

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another Dušan Vukotić animation Koncert za mašinsku pušku (1958) this time in greys and browns. I love the style of this one and how the animation is synced with the music. Some brilliant visuals in there.

A couple more colour references. The Witches and The Milk Tray Man.

1 thought on “Getting that mood indigo…

  1. looking good.. i like the inspirations, esp the russian animation..although the main guy in it walks like that alien character in American Dad, which I wish I didn’t know, as I hate American Dad.
    anyway, attention to details like this is going to give the finished film a great aesthetic.
    but what was it that motivated you to choose purple in particular ?

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