Colour vs Black and White Trip

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I just remembered this Gobelins film. Kinda 90’s. Some elements of Tank Girl and Daria, with a bit of X-Men Evolution or something. BUT, I can’t believe that little bitch was taking drugs between classes! No wonder she’s so frickin’ insecure.

More on that note. Back to my favourite of favourites… before Regular Show came ‘2 in the AM PM’

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Awesome! And before Pops on Regular Show there was The Naive Man From Lolliland.

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Here’s the genius creator behind the Regular Show: JG Quintel.

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Check out how they still storyboard the show on post-it notes.


50’s Transport

Since we updated the period of the film from a 1930’s to the 1950’s we have to put time into researching a different era of transport. Taxi cabs of the 50’s looked quite different from the 1930’s model. In contrast, the buses were much the same and they remained that way for years.


Kind of reminded me of the Weasels’ Toon Patrol car in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.



Looking at a toy bus to help simplify the final look.



Yesterday we had the rough cut crit. We included some experiments for the second half that we are still working out in TVPaint. This is what we showed:

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The bar scene appears to be working now it’s cut together. It’s really good to see our characters on screen, because we’ve mostly been animating them separately it’s hard to tell if it all communicates when they are together. There are some necessary changes to make before the music is recorded new Friday. I’m glad we will have the sound track before all the animation is complete, it will allow us to make certain changes according to the music. Especially for the outside scene that is quite fluid, will take form with the soundtrack. So far so good, nice to show all the hard work from the rest of the group!


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(It’s My Life. Performed by No Doubt. Directed by David LaChapelle. References to Whatever Happened to Baby Jane… et alia)

 Sunset Boulevard

 Mulholland Drive

Inspiration for the mood and the characters. I’ve been looking back at some of my favourite films and music videos that contain some of the themes I’m thinking about, especially the strong references to an ‘old Hollywood’ feel.

 The Grifters

 Death Becomes Her

The Jazz Bar

Some more background drawings I meant to post earlier. They are tiny, but I like how the colour is added in large sweeps! We want to keep it simple for the backgrounds because so much will be going on with the characters it’s important that it doesn’t get too fussy and busy.

Stop-Motion Workshop

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Had the first day of a really great stop-motion workshop with Darryl today. He showed us a ton of stuff these two “making of” really made me want to make a stop-motion film again! I planned to animate my next idea in TVPaint, but maybe I could work some stop-motion into it too!

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I forgot to post this! We had a great time watching this at the beginning of the project. The blonde bombshell character has changed quite a lot from the Mae West impersonator she once was, but nonetheless there is definitely evidence of this performance in our film. Craig Russell actually lived with Mae West hence the accurate portrayal voice and all!

Speaking of Blondes. Steve reminded me of the Jayne Mansfield clip Birgitta showed in here lecture from “Girl Can’t Help It” I loved that lecture, and Mansfields another one who deserves a nod. God bless those Hollywood Blondes, don’t know where I’d be with out them. Walk that walk Jayney!

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And one more Blonde with a sense of humour… Anna Nicole Smith. Well a darn good rendition of her. Now, this was made before the poor girl tragically died, so it’s meant in good humour. Anyway, take a few ounces of each of these three performances shake well and with luck something of that concoction might just appear our character.

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