Other Skellies

The serendipity of some of these skeletons makes me sure of my direction with Trip. This skull in Drop Dead looks a lot like him!

More from Tim….

One of my good friends lives in Mexico, I asked her to send me some pictures of her Skelleton collection. They are just what I needed. Check the last guy! haha!


Can’t wait to start making some of my own!

That SoCal feeling…

I’ve been drawing lots since the LTM project finished. A few weeks ago I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my next project. I’d had this Hollywood idea in the summer but had, but apart from the California location I’ve pretty much left that idea for another time. Here are a   few of the drawings I did before the new idea started to take shape. What seemed apparent was that I was really into the SoCal punk music, just like I was when I was 10 years ago, and that became the stepping stone that took me to where I am now. But first these guys….