Jon Knox

Another really great artist who makes toys. Look at him go! I’d love to do what he does. His website is really interesting too, he talks about the processes he uses and has his drawings and designs. I found out about him from The Designer Toy awards too!

Love these little dudes on a day out. They are different variations of a character called Cody.


YouTube Preview Image

Gotye has a bunch of animated music videos, this one with skeleton paper cutouts is one I hadn’t seen before.

Below is my favourite: Seven Hours Without A Backseat Driver. It’s a dichotomy of cute and creepy, simple yet complex. Great song too. Animated by the Australian animation studio Rubber House. More than enough to make you want to move to Melbourne!

YouTube Preview Image


another board I used in my presentation:

The ever awesome Kim Shattuck from the Muffs in the shades! Joan in ‘Strait Jacket’ with an Axe. Piggy and Kermit…etc.

I was talking to Darryl about lighting today. I’ve got some night-time scenes to shoot. One trick he suggested was showing lights, a street lamp or an illuminated widow to give the effect of night, without making it too dark to see. Tips from the movie world!


Since I’m researching tattoos for a scene in my film I remembered this wicked series of photos taken by my good friend Joe at the London Tattoo Convention. He’s an awesome photographer and a super nice guy, have a look at his website. Below are a few of the tattooed dudes, he’s got an even more recent set that’ll be on his website soon. Looking forward to seeing those!