Puppet Heads and Hair Do’s

So I worked on the heads yesterday, I felt like I was getting nowhere and the models weren’t how I had hoped, well they weren’t, but they were necessary bit of practice in order to get a bit better. My hands are so out of practice at sculpting anything other than skeletons! also tried out all sorts of hair-styles and options to get a feel for the character. Some for practical purposes others were just for fun!


Phil McAndrew


Hi! so this is a lucky find! Phil McAndrew has done tons of cool illustrations, and very funny comics. His writing is really insightful too.

I like this blog article he wrote about being an illustrator:


Especially the part about not trash talking yourself… sage advice!

Wood Work Shop

We have access to the amazing ‘3D Large’ space at college. Today I was building the structure that will be under my main set. This will allow me to put magnets/bolts underneath to hold puppets in place. These photos are what happened on day 1. I’m quite pleased, I really thought it was going to be harder. I had done the drawings and measurements which just made all the sawing up much simpler. It’s pretty big and heavy, so it will be sturdy enough. Daisy, the 3D large technician was really cool, she filled me in on all the tools (like the chop saw) and then let me get on with it, helping me out when I… screwed up. A rewarding day, now I can’t wait to put the lid on it this Thursday!

plansIMG_1959 IMG_1960 IMG_1961IMG_1962 IMG_1966IMG_1967

Puppet Life…

So here are the bits and bobs/work in progress that’s been going on recently.

I’ve got some great stuff for the backgrounds from the 4D model shop. And today I’ve been trying various materials, and also experimenting with different hairstyles for the puppets.┬áDiane (blonde and curly) is really starting to look like Laura Dern in Wild At Heart!



Workshop with Joanna Quinn

Here’s the class animation we did in the workshop. Mine is the third one, I used Trip. She encouraged us to keep it really rough and although it was a very short exercise I could see how much everyone’s work has improved recently. I definitely learnt tons in those 2 days, Joanna is such a brilliant animator and she was really encouraging.

YouTube Preview Image