Finished Trip!!

I’m really happy with how he turned out. He’s a lot better than the previous version. I think the animation is going to be really fun! He looks really good in his threads. I got hold of everything at last, even his new cap which looks dope. He’s even got some pretzels to eat.

IMG_2523 IMG_2524

I tried a red hat based on a paper-toy template, but he needed something more realistic so I stuck with the black one. A really lucky find it fits so well. He’s got new socks too. Lucky Trip. Still fond of this little guy, we seem to be getting along well. I sometimes loose patience with my characters, but i can really see where he’s coming from 😉

IMG_2527 IMG_2528


2 thoughts on “Finished Trip!!

  1. he’s wonderful! you’ve got really close to your initial drawings here… did you use sculpy for the head? I must admit I’m struggling to prevent Sue from looking like a flesh eating monster!

    • Haha! its hardest to make humans. I used plasticine for this one in the end, building it up bit by bit on top of a general shape and smoothing it in rather than sculpting into it. Did a version in sculpey that was ok, but not quite right. I think I’ve made about 15 heads that’s not even in a range of expressions XD

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