I’ve been collaborating with Lauri Achte for the music and sound design for Give Trip A Break. He just sent me the final version and it is awesome! I’m so impressed with what he’s done and how much it adds to the film. We talked about working together on the next part because it makes such a difference to give sound to the film. He’s doing all sorts of other interesting projects and the music in the film is brilliant. Can’t wait to show everyone!

Check out his work


Some vintage Mike Vallely promos back in the vegan days and pre-tatts (late 80’s) (the last one is such a weird shot… not sure what they were thinking.) I’m doing to drawing on the back grounds during the titles of the film. so it kinda looks like Trip’s drawing s on the wall. Should look good, fingers Xed! Trip and i have more and more in common everyday. 😀