greg and dianeSome blurry inbetweens (that’s greg on the left with multiplied eyes! :D). Working with TVPaint is great, I really like this software, of course I’m just using a fraction of it but it’s good to use this project to get to grips with it a bit more. I tried it a tiny bit on the last project but couldn’t get the hang of it. Thanks to Darryl and Elodie from TVPaint I’m going somewhere with it now! It has such a brilliant light table feature that brings it really close to paper animation… minus the scanning. Love it!!

Stop-motion shoot

Last week I got to work 3 days on a commercial stop-motion shoot for a production company called Asylum Films. I can’t post my behind the scenes pics until it’s released but it was really fun work, a really great experience! It was at Clapham Road Studios where they make a lot of the best stop-motion work in London. I liked everyone I worked with, so I hope there’s a chance to work with them again. Long hours but they flew by because the work was so enjoyable! Stop-motion is so awesome!

Exhibition at LTM

The opening at the London Transport Museum went really well, it was so nice to see everyone’s work exhibited there and we all appreciated having the special screening and watch them all again. Nice work everybody!

Back to the Trip project…

Coraline B-roll

The more behind the scenes stuff you see from Laika the more your mind is blown! It’s unreal what these guys can do. I can’t wait to see Box Trolls, their next film. Unfortunately I can’t embed the video, but follow the link below it’s incredible!



Recent News…

I’ve been in the studio shooting stop-motion as much as possible in the run up to the rough-cut deadline. I’ve shot all the stop-motion parts and it’s time to devote all my time to the 2D part. After that I will do some more stop-motion, because there are some things I still wanted to try for the beginning/titles and for fun, but so far I’ve got what I need. I managed to reshoot the tattoo scene and the opening scene and I think they work a lot better and I enjoyed using the lighting and reflectors I borrowed from the loans store the “kino flow diva light” 🙂

Check out these new production stills:

tattoo shootin hoops locker sandwich

Also you can follow me on twitter and instagram, that’s fun because I’ve been posting pictures directly from the set…

On set…

making of


Getting Trip into position last Friday. We had a good week of shooting, was nice to be reiminded how much I love stop-motion, it can be so much fun when you get into the flow of it. Hopefully will be able to iron out some of the problems I encountered this week. Looking forward to getting back in my black box tomorrow morning!

Leg break…


So, this happened right at the beginning of the week…but it actually was very fortunate because I was accepting the fact I had accidentally made the right leg a little longer than the left, so I could file it down and make sure the threaded ball joint screwed all the way on this time. Once I fixed him up, off we went starting with the end scene. I can’t tell you how much I love this armature! It’s so brilliant to animate with, makes a huge difference, it has weight and brings personality and flexibility beyond what I anticipated. Totally worth the money. And so, the following day…

blue trip



Parties CharactersOur animations are part of an exhibition at The London Transport Museum, opening May 17th. Here are the characters I designed for the animation ‘Parties’ (online soon!)