Shelley Page approved my proposed idea for the Transformation of Ariel into a Harpy a couple of weeks ago. She suggested I did a rapid thumbnail storyboard as soon as possible to work out where I needed to spend most time and effort. I’m going to begin a tighter and more explicit storyboard this weekend, but I just wanted to get the ideas down first… before I forget them.


Character Sheets for my quadruped creature Fahad. His has an arabic man’s name, that also means Lynx. There are elements of cat, dog, goat, deer and even bird in him. I really enjoyed going back to a paint brush, it really helped express something of the specific nature of this creature. At once ethereal, elemental and evanescent.



“A hint of dove-like and tiger-like

qualities shone in his dark eyes.”          

Paramahansa Yogananda


I just borrowed the Art of The Incredibles and Monsters Inc from the library. I love our library, It’s inexhaustible!

I’ve been looking at the beautiful pastel drawings by Dominique Louis…

And some brilliant and varied concepts by Lou Romano for The Incredibles. Check out his blog: http://louromano.blogspot.com/2011/03/kwaidan.html