Recent Life Drawing

We’ve been having some great life-drawing with Vanessa. I really enjoy the short poses. It feels great to be doing regular life drawing, and I can see the positive effects it has on my character designs. Vanessa’s approach of using props ┬áis really helpful, for building a bank of poses to call on when drawing from imagination and animating. Here’s a selection of charcoal drawings from the last 4 weeks…

Life Drawing

I really enjoyed the life drawing this evening. We did lots of short poses which I find the most interesting and useful for animation. Looking forward to more classes with Vanessa.

Prince’s Drawing School

I’m doing a short course in life drawing and painting at the Kensington Palace studios. I finish tomorrow and will post some of the work I’ve been doing. It’s good to be this disciplined and do so much observational drawing, but it’s tough, and has taken me the whole week to start really seeing what’s in front of me. I’ve been very lucky to have the artist Peter Kuhfeld as a teacher.