This is the basic story outline. I drew it in a comic strip style to help me work out what I wanted to represent. Some of the panels need reworking to turn it into an animatic. But doing it like a comic was a much better way for me to start rather than thinking shot by shot straight away before I’d developed the story. Writing a script first can also be difficult for me to get the idea across with description. I showed it to Steve and An Vrombaut. They were really helpful and positive about the idea.

An suggested using the comic book as a promotional tool for the film, which I really like. She was really inspiring. I liked her insight on everybody’s ideas. Steve siad he thought it had a similar appeal to Scott Pilgrim/ Wimpy Kid etc. rad.

I’m now considering this project as part of a mini-series. There were plenty of scenarios I imagined Trip getting into that I wont be able to fit into one 3 minute film. So hopefully after graduating I will be able to take this idea further. One of the main reasons for this is that I really feel like I would enjoy working with the characters and context longer term. Let’s see what happens with the pilot!


Now The Party’s Over…

We had our presentation today, it went well. I’m so impressed with the groups work, I’m going to miss working with them. Well done everybody! All the other films were brilliant to, amazing what can be done in a short space of time when you work together. I definitely saw huge leaps in everybody’s work.



Yesterday we had the rough cut crit. We included some experiments for the second half that we are still working out in TVPaint. This is what we showed:

YouTube Preview Image

The bar scene appears to be working now it’s cut together. It’s really good to see our characters on screen, because we’ve mostly been animating them separately it’s hard to tell if it all communicates when they are together. There are some necessary changes to make before the music is recorded new Friday. I’m glad we will have the sound track before all the animation is complete, it will allow us to make certain changes according to the music. Especially for the outside scene that is quite fluid, will take form with the soundtrack. So far so good, nice to show all the hard work from the rest of the group!

Prospero & Ariel

YouTube Preview Image

I chose the scene in The Tempest where Ariel transforms into a harpy as the starting point for my animation. I based the method of transformation as a hikinuki, the art of the instant costume change, characteristic of Japanese Kabuki theatre. I researched Kabuki, the acting and stage conventions, the stories and the many significant parallels it has with and Shakespeare.

I created a stop-motion puppet animation as an attempt to emulate a theatrical atmosphere in miniature. I felt that this would be appropriate in response to a collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company. The two characters in the animation are based on Ariel and Prospero, they wear Kabuki inspired costumes and handmade wigs.

The animation also explores a relationship between Ariel and Prospero. My version of Prospero plays multiple roles, that of musician and as a koken stagehand, but also as the magician as he miraculously reveals Ariel’s other form. Ariel plays the part of the onnagata the female-role specialist and dancer. The costume changes in Kabuki are symbolic of complete transfiguration and the dramatic colour contrast from one kimono to another can represent an actor’s change from one form to another. I hoped to maintain the integrity of this method of spectacle in the animation.

Vincent Woodcock

Vincent has worked extensively as a character designer and animator at some of the most prestigious studios: Richard Williams’ in the 1980’s, later at both Disney and Warner Brothers, and also Cartoon Network.

His experience shows in his character designs that are adroit and full of vitality. He is also an excellent layout artist and caricaturist.  His master-classes in character design for animation at Saint Martins offer students the opportunity to glean some of his knowledge. His students are impressed by the speed at which he deftly creates original characters, and offers valuable tips to significantly improve their own designs. A distinctive teacher and a brilliant draughtsman.

Look out for news of his comic Kit and Marlowe currently in the pipeline!