Finished Trip!!

I’m really happy with how he turned out. He’s a lot better than the previous version. I think the animation is going to be really fun! He looks really good in his threads. I got hold of everything at last, even his new cap which looks dope. He’s even got some pretzels to eat.

IMG_2523 IMG_2524

I tried a red hat based on a paper-toy template, but he needed something more realistic so I stuck with the black one. A really lucky find it fits so well. He’s got new socks too. Lucky Trip. Still fond of this little guy, we seem to be getting along well. I sometimes loose patience with my characters, but i can really see where he’s coming from 😉

IMG_2527 IMG_2528



some books I’ve been enjoying in the library.

In there is R. Crumb, Basquiat, graffiti, Murakami, Comix, Vinyl toys and some other great stuff!

At Trip’s school


A cardboard version of the school hall… I’m going to make one in wood and polystyrene compare. Personally I do like the rough around the edges cardboard set. Okay, it’s rough all over…school hall



lockersThese are priceless props!! complete with hinged doors and shelves inside!


Trip Toys

I was making puppet versions of Trip and I looked at various Toy designs to help me with the practical functions. I also looked at some paper-toy designs that inspired me to make my own, as a bit of an additional Trip giveaway. This was just a quick idea for one! There’s a really interesting book on paper toy design in the library called “We Are Paper Toys”

Jon Knox

Another really great artist who makes toys. Look at him go! I’d love to do what he does. His website is really interesting too, he talks about the processes he uses and has his drawings and designs. I found out about him from The Designer Toy awards too!

Love these little dudes on a day out. They are different variations of a character called Cody.