First year project for the Royal Shakespeare Company. Inspired by The Tempest.

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Have a look at the films I made before starting the course.


“Any viewer of Maxim Northover’s films is a witness to a number of unhinged characters acting out a variety of roles, often in unnervingly familiar scenarios. Frequently a pastiche wedged between genres of melodrama and thriller, trash and avant-garde, the absurdity – and conversely the sensitivity – of human behaviour and inter-relations are amplified. Visually these two-minute movies are shot in either lurid colours or high contrast black and white. The films have manifold points of reference: both Hollywood and European cinema, feminist guerrilla films and a sharp observation of genuine social set-ups. However bizarre they get we can’t help feeling that we’ve been through the emotions, or wished we’d had the bottle to roam free as these heroines do in a reality not too altered from our own.”

by Aubrey Lamour

“At times hilariously confusing, a parodic comment.”

Ludlow Bookman FAD Magazine

“Both nonchalant and disturbing, an accurate coupling of social interest and disinterest”

Florian Feigl Performer Stammtisch Berlin

Maxim’s films have recently been screened in NYC, Helsinki, Berlin, London and Barcelona. To find out when and where the next screening is, or just to find out more, contact Maxim directly:


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