More from Kurosawa


On Sunday I listened to lots of music to find the right mood for the rough cut. I’ve settled on Toru Takemitsu’s soundtrack for Kurosawa’s Ran. I had been listening to Takemitsu’s Rain Spell at the beginning of the project and now his music has come back to my ear. I don’t mean to sound prosaic when referencing Kurosawa in this Japanese inspired project but his oeuvre is so rich and often seems appropriate! I think it will be helpful to borrow some music just until we collaborate with the Royal College of Music students, something I am really looking forward to!

Throne of Blood

In my essay I discuss Akira Kurosawa’s 1957 film Throne of Blood, the retelling of Macbeth. Here are some images from the film. It’s such a brilliant film and I love Toshiro Mifune, he has such a wonderfully expressive face!

(some drawings I did while I was watching the film.)


I remembered these drawings that Akira Kurosawa used to do for his films. There was an exhibition of them at the Petit Palais in Paris a few years ago, I came across it by chance. At the time I already loved his films and but didn’t know I loved his drawings too.