Parties CharactersOur animations are part of an exhibition at The London Transport Museum, opening May 17th. Here are the characters I designed for the animation ‘Parties’ (online soon!)

post pitch

There were so many great proposed ideas and everyone had put a lot of passion into their pitch. I was really impressed and it would be great to see all of the projects turned into films at some point.

I’m really excited to be working with Lynn, Steph & David. We had a talk through the story on Friday afternoon, and discussed the next phases there are still some parts I need to clarify to the group so that’s what I’m working on this weekend. I think it’s going to be a really interesting experience. I’ve been getting advice from a friend who does all her animation in photoshop. Making use of all the brushes on offer would really work with the look I’m trying to achieve! But first on with the necessary alterations to the storyboard.

Thank you to everyone who voted for ‘Parties’. I really appreciate being given this opportunity by you.

London Characters

Here are some of the evolving background characters for the LTM film (and some characters who almost certainly won’t actually make it into the film!) You can see the influence of Edward Burra’s paintings on a number of the designs.


So… to start with I just looked at lots of people with memorable gnashes. I really wanted to take the teeth motif from the poster and give every character a set of pegs that looked like the smiles in the Alan Fletcher poster I have chosen to interpret. Here are some of the personalities whose teeth I studied at to get get me going:


Alan Fletcher’s toys

For the LTM pitch I’ve been looking at the Alan Fletcher work, especially the Picturing and Poeting book. Professionally Fletcher was a pioneering graphic designer, but this book focuses more on his private work drawings from his sketch book and fun

The main thing I liked about the poster was the teeth, I thought that was such a fun starting point for a character design. I’ve already done some drawings of possible characters with big grins, but researching Alan Fletcher’s playful non-commercial work is really helpful. He made these toys/creatures for his grandson out of bits and bobs and bright paint. I really love the names he gave them: Hooligan, Amarillo, Janus and Porky.

Hooligan is the four-legged yellow guy with stripes and big teeth… ding ding!

What is also interesting about these guys is that Fletcher referred to Paul Klee when he wrote about them.

“Paul Klee always knew when something was finished, because instead of him looking at the subject, the subject began looking at him.”


I’ve been meaning to post my choice for the LTM pitch. There were so many brilliant posters with a whole range of characters, right from the moment I saw ‘Parties’ by Alan Fletcher during the briefing I wanted to use it. I thought more about it and considered some potential ideas with other posters, because there were some I also liked with more distinct characters, but I kept coming back to this one. It would be such a great opportunity to make a film based on this because I am a fan of his work, so I’m very excited about the idea I’m developing. I’ve done some research into his other posters, drawings and collages which has proven to be very useful in developing the idea.