Character Sheets for my quadruped creature Fahad. His has an arabic man’s name, that also means Lynx. There are elements of cat, dog, goat, deer and even bird in him. I really enjoyed going back to a paint brush, it really helped express something of the specific nature of this creature. At once ethereal, elemental and evanescent.



“A hint of dove-like and tiger-like

qualities shone in his dark eyes.”          

Paramahansa Yogananda

Caracal Cat

I knew I wanted my creature to have tufted ears, and I looked at the caracal cat. This graceful animal also became quite important in the demeanour I envisaged for the character.


Since beginning the 4 legged run cycle I think I’ll look back at this animals movements as the animation I worked on today looks too dog-like, and then the character’s beard (see below) makes him seem rather too much like a terrier or a schnauzer.