I didn’t think they could get any cooler… but in ‘Cool Bikes’ they got so cool they threw off the balance of cool in the universe:


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I was reminded of Regular Show yesterday. It’s such a hilarious Cartoon Network show! The character design is so funny too, Benson is a foul tempered gum-ball machine and a Mordecai is a 6ft blue jay! In this episode Benson tries to control his anger… the results are worth waiting for.

Vincent Woodcock

Vincent has worked extensively as a character designer and animator at some of the most prestigious studios: Richard Williams’ in the 1980’s, later at both Disney and Warner Brothers, and also Cartoon Network.

His experience shows in his character designs that are adroit and full of vitality. He is also an excellent layout artist and caricaturist.  His master-classes in character design for animation at Saint Martins offer students the opportunity to glean some of his knowledge. His students are impressed by the speed at which he deftly creates original characters, and offers valuable tips to significantly improve their own designs. A distinctive teacher and a brilliant draughtsman.

Look out for news of his comic Kit and Marlowe currently in the pipeline!