Working on the last shots

Trying to finish all the animation this weekend has been a task, but necessary so we can be final cutting tomorrow! Can’t wait to see the bits that haven’t been put together yet, and all the elements that Steph has worked on that are just great! David and Lynn are working on the lines part when the characters jump in the cab and the bus. They’ve worked really hard this weekend. Thanks everyone…last little bit!

I did some drawing in pencil for what seemed like the first time in ages. Such a beautiful feeling. Not that I don’t like drawing straight into flash but theres no comparison, for the sensation paper and pencil gives. These were just to get the position for the final shot.


Colouring the girl

For colouring the girl and making her a cutout we used three simple colours. The design of the dress was changed to a very simple yellow shift dress. This has been really useful to get some practise at, but we’ve also learned that a lot of the ways we chose to do things in Flash could have been executed in easier ways. Plenty of things to remember for the next project!


Steph and Kyle discussing the process… Steph is working on the first frame of the girl in block colour and Kyle is working on the movement of the flowers.

Here Alex is working on the animation of the girl as she spins around…it already looks great!