Some layered drawings for my 2D animated parts, bringing back those pinks and keeping the drawings free and fluid.

And the cover for a magazine I saw in the BFI shop today, I like the colours in the illustration:


Free Flow

We’ve trying to keep the animation style quite fluid. Especially for the woman, so the colours of the woman’s clothes still have movement in them. Originally the dress was going to be moving all the time but that looked too busy and distracting and was also really time consuming. I like the way it looks here with the onionskin in Flash and the coloured parts overlapping! Would be nice to capture this in an animation. Maybe the next one!


I feel I’ve learn’t so much on this project. Getting to grips with Flash is taking me a while and some really simple things have taken forever to do, it would be great if I could be more ambitious with this project. That said everyone in the group has worked hard and their perseverance has been really inspiring. Kyle’s been very helpful and patient when I needed to be shown the same thing several times. Animating with symbols is not as easy as it sounds!