Butterflies & Flowers

This is what the animation looks like at the moment. We’ve redrawn it all in flash, removed all the text, but maintained the poster dimensions. We’ve kept nearly all the movement with in the oblong in the centre, but allowed the butte flied and the girl to go beyond the frame and into the dark space around it. We hope that all the movements will be visible even on an i-phone, and that’s why we simplified the flowers and the girl to block shapes.

With this in mind we looked back at Horace Taylor’s poster for the London Transport, especially this one where the people are reduced to bright flat colours…

In keeping with his very graphic style we looked at Marimekko prints, and how they simplified and flattened flowers to make a bold print.

We looked at the movement of real flowers and how they make circular motions in the wind. We also looked at the flight of many butterflies, especially the famous Monarch butterfly.



Character Sheets for my quadruped creature Fahad. His has an arabic man’s name, that also means Lynx. There are elements of cat, dog, goat, deer and even bird in him. I really enjoyed going back to a paint brush, it really helped express something of the specific nature of this creature. At once ethereal, elemental and evanescent.



“A hint of dove-like and tiger-like

qualities shone in his dark eyes.”          

Paramahansa Yogananda

Hollywood Actress

Scroll down to see the character for the ‘body acting’ exercise… I thought who better than an archetypal Hollywood actress? Her scene is almost done, so that should be posted here later this week. Her acting queue was “person takes a drink of a cocktail and it is really strong.” I’ve also been working on it in 3D with Boris, but we were like “CUT! Robots? Acting? Whatever.” …. Ironically she has been far less of a diva than Soakie was on that dreaded Mood Change, which was driving me crackers. I found that so hard to get right, and still it needs more tweaking. Maybe working with professional actors is the way forward?


I just borrowed the Art of The Incredibles and Monsters Inc from the library. I love our library, It’s inexhaustible!

I’ve been looking at the beautiful pastel drawings by Dominique Louis…

And some brilliant and varied concepts by Lou Romano for The Incredibles. Check out his blog: http://louromano.blogspot.com/2011/03/kwaidan.html




Javier Mariscal came and gave a truly enthralling and unorthodox talk! It included some live animation, he narrated and ad-libed through his films and slideshows depicting a lifetime of work; fast-paced and colourful. A wildly talented man. It couldn’t have been more different from a conventional Q&A on a film, and so much the better for it. Thank you Mariscal!