I didn’t think they could get any cooler… but in ‘Cool Bikes’ they got so cool they threw off the balance of cool in the universe:

Colour vs Black and White Trip

I just remembered this Gobelins film. Kinda 90’s. Some elements of Tank Girl and Daria, with a bit of X-Men Evolution or something. BUT, I can’t believe that little bitch was taking drugs between classes! No wonder she’s so frickin’ insecure.

More on that note. Back to my favourite of favourites… before Regular Show came ‘2 in the AM PM’

Awesome! And before Pops on Regular Show there was The Naive Man From Lolliland.

Here’s the genius creator behind the Regular Show: JG Quintel.

Check out how they still storyboard the show on post-it notes.



I was reminded of Regular Show yesterday. It’s such a hilarious Cartoon Network show! The character design is so funny too, Benson is a foul tempered gum-ball machine and a Mordecai is a 6ft blue jay! In this episode Benson tries to control his anger… the results are worth waiting for.