Exhibition at LTM

The opening at the London Transport Museum went really well, it was so nice to see everyone’s work exhibited there and we all appreciated having the special screening and watch them all again. Nice work everybody!

Back to the Trip project…


Parties CharactersOur animations are part of an exhibition at The London Transport Museum, opening May 17th. Here are the characters I designed for the animation ‘Parties’ (online soon!)

Working on the last shots

Trying to finish all the animation this weekend has been a task, but necessary so we can be final cutting tomorrow! Can’t wait to see the bits that haven’t been put together yet, and all the elements that Steph has worked on that are just great! David and Lynn are working on the lines part when the characters jump in the cab and the bus. They’ve worked really hard this weekend. Thanks everyone…last little bit!

I did some drawing in pencil for what seemed like the first time in ages. Such a beautiful feeling. Not that I don’t like drawing straight into flash but theres no comparison, for the sensation paper and pencil gives. These were just to get the position for the final shot.


Free Flow

We’ve trying to keep the animation style quite fluid. Especially for the woman, so the colours of the woman’s clothes still have movement in them. Originally the dress was going to be moving all the time but that looked too busy and distracting and was also really time consuming. I like the way it looks here with the onionskin in Flash and the coloured parts overlapping! Would be nice to capture this in an animation. Maybe the next one!

Clay heads

I made these clay heads at the beginning of the animation to help show the characters faces from multiple angles, because my original designs were quite flat.



This week swell as cracking on with the animation we had a meeting with Richard Ford from the Royal College of Music. He’s going to be collaborating with us on this film, which is really exciting! He immediately picked up the sort of mood we want to capture for in the film. I think with him on board the film will really take shape!

(visual development for the jazz meltdown when the cats go out on the town!)

Team Work

Here’s some of what’s been going on over the last 2 weeks. We’ve taken to working in the Learning Zone. There’s been story boarding and re-storyboarding. A directors meeting at LTM. Background designs and colour-keying. Plenty of developing the idea finding new inspirations to embellish the look of the animation and strengthen the story. So we’ve given a fair amount of time to the pre-production and now as of tomorrow we begin the production. No time to lose. I really think the time we’ve spent getting everything just so before we kick of has been really valuable. No doubt there will be hiccups along the way but I think everything we’ve worked out and pinned down so far will help immensely and we’ve enjoyed this part as a team so far.

Ragtime, Jazz and Cats on Pianos

 Ginning guy tinkling the ivories, we’ve got one of those…

 and pussycat who can play trad-jazz? We’ve got one of those too!

 Jean Cocteau playing and puffing, followed by and a drawing of his!

Miles and Juliette. For the love of jazz on the Left Bank. Alors! Vous me manquez.