Jon Burgerman

Love this guy’s stuff! Read some interviews with him, I really like this one on FAD:

There’s tons of great stuff of all sizes. Wasn’t sure what to post! He’s also done all sorts of awesome collaborations (including Kid Robot and Pictoplasma) also got a swell blog with all his projects/collaborations and things like painting battles have a look:


YouTube Preview Image

No sound effects yet. Played it to Steve, he suggested I clarify what happens in the bar, and simplify it a bit. He said it made him think of Midnight In Paris, the Woody Allen film, which I like because I imagined that inside the bar is all 1930/40s and outside on the street is a more modern London.


I just visited the London Transport Museum. It was really fun, and there were some really inspiring posters on display in the Mind The Map exhibition and the Poster Parade. Really worth having a look. Also the permanent collection was really useful source material for my animation pitch. So interesting to see the many eras of the double decker London bus. Yeah… sitting in the drivers seat was fun. ding ding!