Stop-Motion Workshop

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Had the first day of a really great stop-motion workshop with Darryl today. He showed us a ton of stuff these two “making of” really made me want to make a stop-motion film again! I planned to animate my next idea in TVPaint, but maybe I could work some stop-motion into it too!

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Paranorman Poster

Here’s a super nice piece of Poster Art from Kevin Dart (reblogged from Super Punch)

I just got the “Making of Paranorman” book this morning. I usually wait to watch the film first before the making of incase it spoils the film, but I think this time I more excited about the film having seen how they made the puppets and the intricate sets.

More Making of…

A couple more behind the scenes photos in the rostrum room and some drawings from my sketch book for this project. It’s quite nice to have a record of the project, and to look back at the early sketches and see how much it developed in what has seemed like a short time. I’ve really learnt so much from this project, there are still some finishing touches to do, so it’s not complete yet, but I’ve enjoyed this brief so much.

Madame Tutli Putli

Birgitta just told me about this stop-motion animation where they tracked footage of human eyes onto the puppets! It’s such an innovative idea, and the result is really effective, especially when the puppet is crying.

Jason Walker gives a really detaied account of how they did it if you follow the link below.