Looking at Bones

I needed to see some other interpretations of skeletons as well as some real bones, so I just visited a great show ‘Death’ at the Wellcome Colection. And there are more skulls skeletons and momento mori in their Medecine Man exhibiton upstairs. Perfect timing! It’s free and near to the Saint Martins, so check it out. It’s got lots of representations of skeletons from all over the world, some of the most interesting were the Tibetan ones. It showed how there’s a long tradition of dressing skeletons up in clothes of the living in a lot of different cultures. Of course the Mexican Day of the Dead skeletons were beautiful and i loved these American skeleton puppets below.

Other Skellies

The serendipity of some of these skeletons makes me sure of my direction with Trip. This skull in Drop Dead looks a lot like him!

More from Tim….

One of my good friends lives in Mexico, I asked her to send me some pictures of her Skelleton collection. They are just what I needed. Check the last guy! haha!


Can’t wait to start making some of my own!