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Gotye has a bunch of animated music videos, this one with skeleton paper cutouts is one I hadn’t seen before.

Below is my favourite: Seven Hours Without A Backseat Driver. It’s a dichotomy of cute and creepy, simple yet complex. Great song too. Animated by the Australian animation studio Rubber House. More than enough to make you want to move to Melbourne!

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You Killed Me First

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I’ve been looking back at the Cinema of Transgression, an underground film movement that happened during the 1980’s in New York. It was characterised by filmmakers like Richard Kern (You Killed Me First) and Nick Zedd (Thrust In Me) and the actresses Lydia Lunch and Lung Leg (poster girl for the movement). These renegade films had graphic sex and death scenes, but also humour from the improvised acting that still give these films a jagged edge. Packed with transvestism, punk rock and every other form of rebellion, these guys didn’t hold back! The red raw cutting together of the films and their complete and utter disregard for the filmmaking rule books is something to aspire to!

That’s Nick Zedd in his own film. He plays both the female and male lead. Drag it up dude!

And if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Lydia Lunch before, this clip could be the best way to get to know her…

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“maybe I shoulda been hung from a tree…shot in the face, maybe I should have drowned in my own puke?….. Wishful thinking.” L Lunch

Richard Kern also directed the awesome Death Valley 69 video (also starring Lung Leg) for Sonic Youth. Kim Gordon, you rule!!

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Exit Strategy

Here’s the music video I helped Brook with. She was great fun to animate with and she had the whole thing edited and up on youtube in record breaking time. The band’s name is We Walk In Straight Lines.

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It was so fun to do some more stop motion animation and make another pair of puppets. I learnt tons more about puppets from making these two and I actually think I’d try a different approach for my next stop-motion film. The story developed quite organically. One of the brilliant things about puppet animation is you can develop some action and ideas on set as you are animating straight-ahead. This allows the characters/puppets to develop their own personality a little more. But you do need strong puppets! I was pleased that the armatures didn’t break this time!

Puppets for Brook

Brook asked me to lend a hand with a music video she’s working on. Here’s a peak at the puppets I’ve been working on for her. We are doing the first day’s animating tomorrow. Good to get a bit more puppet making practice. You can see I used the same materials for the wolf as I did for the Prospero puppet. This wolf just loves hot dogs. Their winter clothes make me feel so hot!!



Puppet Love

A music video for Keaton Henson, directed by Joseph Mann. The puppets are designed and made by Jonny Sabbagh. I’m really impressed how emotive they are. The fox and owls are wonderfully well-made.