I just visited the London Transport Museum. It was really fun, and there were some really inspiring posters on display in the Mind The Map exhibition and the Poster Parade. Really worth having a look. Also the permanent collection was really useful source material for my animation pitch. So interesting to see the many eras of the double decker London bus. Yeah… sitting in the drivers seat was fun. ding ding!

Museum Depot

Sketches from the London Transport Museum Depot.

We spent the morning being guided round the museum depot. ¬†It was fascinating¬†to be shown a visual history of London Transport through the poster designs. ¬†The depot contains many of the original paintings used for the posters. ¬†One example showed how the artist envisaged the future of London Transport.¬†Some designs were the height of the avant-garde, and we discovered posters by some well know artists, including Man Ray’s pair of posters (sketched in the first picture.)