Flash Back to Ghost World

In dramatic contrast to Wandering Son, I’ve also borrowed Ghost World Special Edition, Daniel Clowes’ comic about cynical teens Enid and Becky. I’ve loved Ghost World for some time, since I was a cynical teen I suppose… but the special edition is really worth having a look at, it has his early sketches, annotations for the panels which explain some of the incidental things Clowes based on real life. Also some polaroids and storyboards from the movie adaptation. Also, I didn’t know that Enid’s drawings in the film were actually done by Robert Crumb’s daughter! How about that? One of my favourite panels, from the first page, it has stuck in my mind ever since. Irrespective of Ghost World’s widespread appreciation I still holds up as Clowes best comic. The humour, the awkwardness and the alienation are all so well observed. That said Velvet Glove and Wilson are truly brilliant. Oh yeah, and Art School Confidential. Okay, all of them. Thanks for Eight Ball Daniel! [NOTE:remember to look back at the use of one colour for tone]

The Special Edition even has a bonus strip called Little Enid.